Is it just me...

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Is it just me...

...or is 0.22 a LOT stingier with the goodies?

Having played a few (dozen) times now, that is my impression. Previously I could more or less count on finding a decent enchanted dagger within the first three or four dungeon levels; no more. I've currently got a backpack full of rings and amulets and tentacles itching to put them on, but at Dungeon level 8 I still haven't found a 2nd scroll of remove curse (burned my first one on level 2...)

Also, I have yet to encounter the Sewers or an Ossuary on this release.

C'est la vie


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Re: Is it just me...

You can use objstat to check most of these suspicions. Probably all of them would be wrong.

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Re: Is it just me...

It's just you.

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