Post Friday, 13th July 2018, 16:08

YAVP - First Win Ever!

Won Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup after 853 attempts playing intermittently over the last 5 years. So it only took me 20 hours after half a decade of permadeath ;). Best designed game ever. It takes a village! I started tinkering with Gnoll Summoners of Nem or Gozag on trunk (v.22) and after a week of getting Runes, finally a modest 3 Rune win.

I won through Bribery and Summons. Like a crawler lawyer. MVP Lightning Spire, runner up Shadow Creatures. Clutch shop created with the only dragon scales I saw in game. Fire Dragon armor up to +5 was enough AC, combined with Rings of Robustness and Phasing. Those really helped of course. Also the Warlock's Mirror was worth every penny.

Pivotal moment was Vault 5, hit and run that saw me at under 30 HP multiple times, and forced me to use several charges from a Wand of Clouds, invoke 3 Potion Petitions, and use 5 Teleport Scrolls. Downhill from there. No longer fear Nikolai with Statue Form. And reminded it also halves Torment damage so its my favorite Transformation.

PS - Fun to Bribe Draconians. Orbs of Fire are never any help.