Idea: Scroll of Acquirement, Artefacts and XOM

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Idea: Scroll of Acquirement, Artefacts and XOM

When using a scroll of acquirement later in the game, I hate getting armour that is already lying on the dungeon floor.
So I've been trying to think of a new option for the scroll specific to: Artefacts

One idea is to have the option: (i)random artefact
It would provide a completely randart or unrandart with no guarantee that it can be worn or helpful in anyway.

As a prototype for v0.23 trunk, I'm thinking it could be trialed as an option only available to followers of Xom.
That way, if an artefact is completely useless, Xom would be ROTFL ...making it a WIN/win scenario

Feel free to evolve this idea in anyway as I am not in a position currently to program it myself.

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Re: Idea: Scroll of Acquirement, Artefacts and XOM

Acquirement already tries to avoid giving you items that you have already seen and identified. (Yes, you can improve acquirement by identifying all the weapons and armour on the floor that you don't want.)
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Re: Idea: Scroll of Acquirement, Artefacts and XOM

I do kinda think a "make me a random artefact, biased towards something my character might find useful" option for Acquirement might be fun. Probably wouldn't usually be the best choice for the scroll, but sometimes you don't really need gear and it's fun to spin a roulette wheel.
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Re: Idea: Scroll of Acquirement, Artefacts and XOM

Please for the love of god remove "shields" from "armour" and give it its own category as shields are significantly different from armour from a mechanics perspective. Nothing better than going for armour with a 2h wielding character and getting a random magic shield three times in a row.

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