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Lair Larrikin

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YASD: KoBe - Abyss(mal) Death(s)

Edit: I keep posting my YAVP/YASD in this thread. It's convenient for me and I see no reason to clutter the forum whenever I feel like writing about a char :)

YAVP: GhMo^WuJian - Exploding Fists of Thunder!

You blow up Psyche!
You blow up Snorg!
You squash Mara like an Ant!!!
You blow up Saint Roka!
You squash Dispater like an Ant!

Punches generating noise like thunderbolts.
Do I need to say more? :twisted:

http://crawl.akrasiac.org/rawdata/Atlar ... 122613.txt

First 15 rune, first time in Hell, second time in Pan and Tomb. No spells.
Second major rougelike win after ToME.

About Gh: Unarmed Ghouls are pretty strong in early game but have problems mid/late-game due to their horrible stats. Especially around Vault/Elf I had trouble staying above the monster-power curve with my off/def-balance (had no MR aswell). The hat (Slay +6, Vault 5) and the amulet (Str +10, MR+, Depths 4) turned the tables for me. Innate Ghoul resists and Wu Jian then made for an easy extended game.

About Wu Jian: Just epic. Whirlwind, Lunge and Wall Jump let you control the battlefield like nothing else. Serpents Lash gives you huge, unavoidable damage spikes and Heavenly Storm is your edge against mobs of smite/hellfire/torment-monsters. +It's so much more fun than normal melee combat.

Next: Probably gonna try to streak some low rune wins then maybe move on/back to Caves of Qud or ADOM.
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Lair Larrikin

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YAVP: DeGl^Vehumet: Elf of Ice and Fire

Actually I wanted to streak low runes... but it seems I'm not quite there yet. Instead I managed to pull off this:
http://crawl.akrasiac.org/rawdata/Atlar ... 131733.txt

First pure caster, second 15 rune, first De.

Choose Gl background because I hate mage early game... worked out pretty well. Quarterstaff is damn strong before lair and throwing nets are great panic buttons.
Also, I thought it would help me to not neglect melee too much. That did'nt work out quite as well because with Vehumet on D3 and a Robe of the Archmagi from Dovan (!), my magic was strong very soon and kept going as I was showered with almost every possible spell book. Until 100k+ turns I didn't even bother to raise my mace skill above 5 :mrgreen:
Mid-game I mostly used Freezing Cloud+Throw Icicle+Airstrike.
Late-game transitioned to Glaciate+LCS+OoD (3rd rune slime) and cast my first Fire Storm while clearing V:5 (4th rune), hence the title.
Fire Storm+C.Blink+Necromut trivialized Tomb (5th rune).
But then I was really torn which spells to choose for the rest of extended. With the advice of several friendly forum people I came to this conlusion:
viewtopic.php?f=5&t=25554 (post #8)
Went pretty well, though. Did pan first, which was a good decision. Nothing worth mentioning besides Cerebov and Gloorx scaring the crap out of me :oops:
In hell, Antaeus decided to prank me when he appeared adjacent to me as I went around a corner. Slapped me in the face for 50dmg before I c.blinked away. Later he brought me down to 66hp with his silly flash freeze but soon after was tentacled and OoD'd to death 8-) . Was scared again of Tartarus (silent spectres, silence by Ereshkigal) and Dis (Hell Sentinels, Serpent) but I played it slow and all was fine.
Almost died on the orb run out of stupidity. Forgot to turn off my Necromut and ran into an omniresistant pan lord and his deava budddy(?) blocking the only way to the stairs. Had a lucky uncontrolled blink and barely killed them with 33hp left.

Next up: Probably some Ko, maybe KoBe, maybe streaking... and, tbh, probably won't play any other game soon. :lol:

Lair Larrikin

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Re: YASD: KoBe - Abyss(mal) Death(s)

Well, I've splatted the KoBe in Abyss while trying to break into the orange crystal statue rune vault. Just absolutely unnecessary death, could have done a hundred things but decided to get mindlessly killed. Third in my series of stupidly killing great chars in Abyss:

DgFe: http://crawl.akrasiac.org/rawdata/Atlar ... 122305.txt
FoFi: http://crawl.akrasiac.org/rawdata/Atlar ... 002830.txt

Those really hurt... :|

Next: The chance to streak is gone, again, so might aswell go for something more difficult... hmm, don't have any good ideas for fun/interesting harder combos. Maybe Op or Na?

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