No animate dead possible on shapeshifter corpse

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No animate dead possible on shapeshifter corpse

Recently I tried animating the remains of a shapeshifter, only to find out that lazy corpse would not even rise from the the dungeon floor! :?

I looked for info on this in the wiki, but I couldn't find anything so I will just ask it here. Please feel free to remove this topic.
Is it possible this is an oversight or was this intended.

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Re: No animate dead possible on shapeshifter corpse

Shapeshifters do come in zombie and simulacrum flavors, I believe, so this may have been a relic from the times they couldn't (due to "would they still shift" concerns, maybe?)

But now that mutagenic chunks are no longer a thing, shapeshifters should probably just stop dropping corpses/being undead. If this is not consistent for a @ monster, you can move them to J with no loss of flavor.

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Re: No animate dead possible on shapeshifter corpse

If shapeshifters are raisable they need to be able to continue shifting with a chance to either break your hold on them and/ or to shift into a living (non-undead) shapeshifter. Otherwise I agree with them just not leaving corpses, mutagenic chunks aren't edible anymore anyway. Have them turn into a pile of slime on death.
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Re: No animate dead possible on shapeshifter corpse

Have them shapeshift into some monster's corpse on death, which is the thing it'll animate as
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