Halfway through Lair on a DrWz

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Halfway through Lair on a DrWz

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I'm about halfway through Lair on a DrWz. I currently feel very strong, but I would like a bit of advice on how to continue. Mainly, what skills should I train from here, and what spells should I learn?

Which spells should I learn/ forget?
* I've been using lightning bolt a lot. It's decent damage, but misses a ton. Should I forget it and learn bolt of magma or bolt of draining instead?
* Is Necromancy worth training for any of the spells I have access to? I've never used it

What skills should I train?
* Should I keep training fighting, or is it at a good place? I'm currently trying to keep it a bit above half my level
* Is dodging at a good place for the rest of the game, or should I go back to increase it at some point?
* I've been just kind of constantly training spellcasting. Is this the correct way to approach it?
* Should I keep training fire magic in the hopes that Vehument gifts me fireball and other fire related spells? I'm not super knowledgeable on how Vehument's gifts work.
* Should I train for a weapon? Singing sword is working very well without weapon training just because of its innate +7. But I know that swords are generally not great weapons. I haven't found any magic staffs yet.

Also if you feel like I've made any strange choices or mistakes in my build, please let me know.

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Re: Halfway through Lair on a DrWz

Generic advice:
- use search (control+f) to find "armor" - either of gloves, boots, shield should have dropped by now
- use ID scroll on scrolls
- ring of protection from fire is a much better generic ring than See invisible

Your questions:

- Lightning bolt gets more accurate with spellpower and you can bounce it on walls. http://crawl.chaosforge.org/Doublezap However it makes a shitton of noise, so I really dislike it. Also, you dont have access to any higher level Air spells - I'd use it a lot less.

- Animate dead is about the best spell in the game. A shame that Vehumet doesnt support it, but getting it castable to 33% is still a great investment - you also get regeneration online with it. if you really dont feel like it, just use animate skeleton - it can singlehandedly carry you trough lair.

- Fighting is an okay place, I'd get more dodging.

- IIRC Vehumet does have a bias for gifting spells of your schools, but "hoping for X" is not the correct way of playing it here. Pick one of your good spells and go with that. Thats mostly Book of Power spells (or animate dead) Iskenderun's Battlesphere is incredible and single school, iron shot is fine, bolt of magma is fine (though double school), orb of destruction has endgame potential though no area damage.

See if you find battlesphere to be enough of an upgrade, if not go with bolt of magma.

- No more spellcasting training for a long time.
- Swords are not "bad base weapon class". They have low skill investment and have good very common 1hand-options like that flaming scimitar. Axes have the highest XP-investment and are thus bad on a magic char like yours.
- Singing sword is really good damagewise, but again its downside is the noise. If you are playing Zeus with lightning bolts everywhere that doesnt matter.
- getting a couple very cheap levels on a weapon is good. Get 4-6ish levels; in the end it depends on how squishy you are (low dodging, no shield, no gloves/boots, but good AC/HP due to draconian) and how much trouble you have with running out of mana.

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