Best/Worst Artifacts

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Re: Best/Worst Artifacts

Siegurt wrote:
r - the +11 crystal plate armour of Okawaru (worn) {+Inv MR++ SInv Stlth+}.

An incredibly heavy but extremely effective suit of crystalline armour.

Base armour rating: 14       Encumbrance rating: 23
Wearing mundane armour of this type will give the following: 21 AC

It affects your resistance to hostile enchantments.
It lets you see invisible.
It lets you turn invisible.
It makes you more stealthy.

This ancient artefact cannot be changed by magic or mundane means.
You acquired it on level 1 of the Vaults.

It would've been thematically perfect if it was named after Dithmenos :) Still an amazing acquirement!

Bought a lovely toy for my aspiring GnAE^Veh
T - the ring "Lego" (right hand) {rN+ EV+2 Str+2 Int+4 Stlth-}
(You bought it in a shop on level 2 of the Orcish Mines)

Everything is awesome! :D

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Re: Best/Worst Artifacts

b - the +12 demon whip "Dragonslayer" (weapon) {flame, rN+++ Str+2 Int-3 Dex+3}.
Trog gifted it to you in an ice cave.

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Re: Best/Worst Artifacts

And another Trog gift from the same game:

the +1 morningstar "Henay" {holy, *Corrode MR- Int+9}
Trog gifted it to you on level 5 of the Depths.
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Re: Best/Worst Artifacts

I am trying to find something bad to say about that armour but I am coming up blank
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