Wizardry Still Stack in .10?

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Wizardry Still Stack in .10?

Do wizardry bonuses still stack in .10? 63% success on Fire Storm with the following:
Ring of Wizardry (alone)
Staff of Wizardry (alone)
Ring & Staff of Wizardy (together)

Henzell says...
Makes spellcasting less likely to fail. Comes in staff and ring form. Stacks, but not very well. Vehumet grants a similar boost to destructive spells, which stacks well with regular wizardry.

I am a Veh worshipper, but I would expect more than a 0% increase lol
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Re: Wizardry Still Stack in .10?

Vehumet plus one source of wizardry is max wizardry for vehumet-supported spells. If you have some non-veh-supported spell you should see the second wizardry source decrease your failure rate for that spell.

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