Remove/Rework ring of flight, scarf of cloud immunity

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Remove/Rework ring of flight, scarf of cloud immunity

These two items are useful only in very limited moments. And, our dev team removed many items for the same reason. Let's get rid of these items, too. Or change it.

Idea for scarf of cloud immunity. Change to scarf of cloud.
Scarf of cloud: This item create smoke cloud under the feet of the wearer. The cloud disappears in 2-3 turns when the user leaves the location. If the user does not move, the cloud will remain permanent. Therefore, this item actually contains cloud immunity. This item can give players a new defense strategy - Stand back and cover your view with clouds. However, this cloud has a very short duration, so you should immediately come up with a new strategy.

(edit)Alternatives for those who think it's too powerful for a cloud of smoke to last 2 turns: Clouds of the place where the player left will disappear in 0 to 3 turns. Because of the instability of the duration, your retreat poses the risk of wasting action.
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Re: Remove/Rework ring of flight, scarf of cloud immunity

I like it
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Re: Remove/Rework ring of flight, scarf of cloud immunity

There definitely are too many items of flight. Unless I have missed something, there are a potion, a pair of boots, and a ring. We don't need that many items, all with different mechanics (!). I would just leave the ring, give it permaflight, and remove all the rest.
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