Probably my best death

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Lair Larrikin

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Probably my best death

I was playing as a DsHu, and i fell in a shaft (3 lvl). I saw there was a bazaar at this level and was quite happy.
It was this one

I didn't find anything useful or wasn't rich enough, but i found +2 boots of flying which was good. I also bought 3 scrolls of ID which was also good.
I decided to use immediatly the scroll to ID some potions, but i mistyped and instead used a scroll of teleport.

Horror ! I was suddenly in the middle of the water, on the other side.
I used all my 8 scrolls of teleport and couldn't go back to the bazaar area.
I couldn't also remove my boots of flying because i was, obviously "standing over water".
So i decided to dump my rations, and died of starving, miserably.

I never died so stupidely, and I'm nearly proud of this. Well, maybe it's a bug, too, hence this post.

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Slime Squisher

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Re: Probably my best death

Splendid. I approve of this form of art.
There is always something new to learn.

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Mines Malingerer

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Re: Probably my best death

Should be reported as a bug

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