Different player sprites

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Different player sprites

So, there's one thing that annoys me and that's different sprites for the players (For some races) than the npcs. For ex) The kobold's sprite sucks, while the orc's is much better. Anybody know why this is?
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Re: Different player sprites

All player sprites have to fit the same equipment sprites on top, which means they need to be very similar. If someone wanted to make alternate versions of all equipment sprites for large/small species, the dolls could be more varied.
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Re: Different player sprites

Making unique equipment sprites for differently shaped races would be a ton of work, and in order to keep things consistent, most races would have to have unique sprite sets with at least small changes between them. However, making new standard tiles to differentiate between size is something that might be feasible. I might try my hand at this eventually, although I'm not all that great yet. Right now, I'll be focusing on drawing original stuff. (Not to say that my attempts will mean much, but I'll keep it in mind.)
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