[CIP] MuNe^Kiku How to build my character?

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Halls Hopper

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Post Wednesday, 23rd May 2018, 17:02

[CIP] MuNe^Kiku How to build my character?

Dump: https://pastebin.com/raw/fn4kyxAW

I'm level 13, just finished clearing Lair. I'm using mostly death channel and animate dead and everything is going very smoothly.

I have the following skills:

  • 11 fighting
  • 5 armor
  • 7 dodging
  • 3 shields (aiming to 4 for a buckler)
  • 11 spellcasting
  • 14 necromancy
  • 7 earth magic

My questions are:

  1. What skills should I be training now?
  2. Should I train M&F for my +7 flail of draining?
  3. At what point in the game should I go for higher level spells and which one/s? (I have Simulacrum, Haunt and Infestation available)
  4. What type of armor am I supposed to be wearing towards the end of the 3 rune game? I'm using a ring mail of rF+ at the moment.

Thanks in advance!

Ziggurat Zagger

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Re: [CIP] MuNe^Kiku How to build my character?

A melee weapon is generally advised, to give you more flexibility when you run out of mana. That said a flail isn't a very good melee weapon, so you might want to wait until you find something better before deciding on what skill to train. I'd probably train a bit more armor/dodging first, your defenses are a bit low, and you know they won't go to waste if you find a better weapon later. Don't put it off for too long, but at least until you clear orc and can check the shops/orc weapons drops. Maybe one more level in necromancy to get death channel to 1-2% fail, but that's a matter of taste, if you're fine with 7% fail that's okay. I'm mostly assuming you want to keep the shield so you'll probably want to end up with either a demon weapon or a morning/eveningstar/double sword. You could also swap out for a two handed weapon if you want, but mummy mages don't have much experience to spare.

After getting armor/dodging and possibly doing some melee weapon training, then go for the higher spells. Necromancy at least doesn't cost as much to train so they should be fairly reachable.

You're doing a good job so far but continue to avoid branching out into too many skills, mummies learn skills rather slowly. That doesn't mean you can't (for example) train evocations, just consider it carefully. Allies + clutch should continue killing basically everything for some time.

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Halls Hopper

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Post Wednesday, 23rd May 2018, 20:33

Re: [CIP] MuNe^Kiku How to build my character?

Thanks, Tasonir. I cleared orc. There was a demon trident in a shop, which turned out to be of electrocution. I already enchanted it to +9 and I'm training polearms to min delay.

Looking good!

Abyss Ambulator

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Re: [CIP] MuNe^Kiku How to build my character?

Perfect. Don't overestimate your melee—keep casting Death Channel etc—and everything should keep going ok.

Blades Runner

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Re: [CIP] MuNe^Kiku How to build my character?

B. Vile Clutch will work very nicely on a Mummy necromancer which trains polearms.

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