Wiki Broken?

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Wiki Broken?

Hello all!

I'm fairly new to DCSS, but having played quite a few roguelikes the first place I usually go to get up to speed is the wiki. However, right now every page I try to open is blank aside from the title (for some reason nothing is getting rendered in div#mw-content-text inside div#bodyContent). This is happening across multiple browsers and devices so I'm guessing it's not just me?

Is there anyone here who maintains the site infrastructure and/or could fix this? From a quick google it's possibly this:

On a related note, when the wiki was working a few days ago I emailed for an account to edit the wiki (while as I said I'm a fairly new player, I have a background in technical documentation and will happily dive into the game source and patch notes to check stuff). Sadly I haven't yet had any response...

I'm guessing most established players don't use the wiki site a great deal? Between the forums, irc etc there are definitely a bunch of good ways to get information and help as either a new or experienced player. But I think every good roguelike should have a well maintained wiki and it's certainly the first place I would go for information. It's sad to see the wiki for such a solid game in a bit of a state of disrepair (even before this issue there was a lot of out of date info on there), and I would be super happy to contribute to keeping it more up to date if I can!

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Re: Wiki Broken?

The chaosforge wiki isn't maintained by the dev team. Its vanishing is apparently related to the upcoming Jupiter Hell alpha and a related chaosforge website redesign. Hopefully that's temporary. As far as I know, most established players prefer the learndb as that tends to be more up-to-date. We'd certainly welcome any contributions to the wiki, however, and I agree that it'd be great to have that more up-to-date.

You might find ... /CrawlWiki of use (the last snapshot was in jan 2017 though).

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Re: Wiki Broken?

Thanks for the info - for anyone else reading this all the content on the wiki is there if you go to view source on the page (towards the top right), it's just not rendering on the actual page like it should be.

Just had a quick look on the ChaosForge forums and according to this thread someone is working on it,8258.0.html
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Re: Wiki Broken?

It's online again, needs to be updated with the 0.21 v release.
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