Dith Smoke

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Dith Smoke

Dith is pretty interesting as a god for ranged, because of his shadow mimic. However, the smoke on hit is something of a turn down.
If you are ranged, you will lose line of sight to many targets. If you have a cloud spell, losing the e.g. ice clouds from los will turn them off, and the presence of smoke clouds all around you means that you cannot cast again. Finally, the worst problem is that it can indirectly kill you by cutting off from los an area where you could have blinked with a scroll.
So it would be nice if it were activable another way than being punched.
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Re: Dith Smoke

Well, you can run away waiting for fog to disappear if you are playing a hunter. I treat Dith as god of movement, it's all about attacks from shadows (Shadow Step), escapes (Shadow Form, fog on hit), rune-stealing (Shadow Form), stabbing (Stealth boost, Shadow Form), basically you rarely want to stay in place and fight.
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Re: Dith Smoke

Maybe it could be toggled like Sif's Divine Energy
P.S. Just to point it out, it makes no sense to turn Divine Energy off, ever, since you can just not cast a spell if you don't want -Cast.
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Re: Dith Smoke

Why not have it only happen in Shadow Form? Or make the smoke one-way (probably OP).
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Re: Dith Smoke

you can shoot through smoke to kill monsters you cannot see

try it also with scrying and a scroll of fog some time to see how it works

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Re: Dith Smoke

Fingolfin wrote:Maybe it could be toggled like Sif's Divine Energy
P.S. Just to point it out, it makes no sense to turn Divine Energy off, ever, since you can just not cast a spell if you don't want -Cast.

You can also always just turn divine energy on again. The ability to turn it off is for people who forget they don't have enough mana and try to cast stuff when they don't want to.
I'm with tasonir on this one.

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