33 crawl quirks to be fixed

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33 crawl quirks to be fixed

Hello, here are 33 little irritating bugs and missing features I experienced through 0.19 tourney (most of them are quite old):

  • Tabbing. Trying to press tab here: "Your lightning spire cannot move out of your way!"
    Spoiler: show
    Tab bug.png
    Tab bug.png (228.68 KiB) Viewed 2040 times

  • Targeting. Why isn't it symmectrical? I don't think plants should affect firing trajectories in any way.
    Spoiler: show
    Targeting.png (227.29 KiB) Viewed 2040 times

  • Mini-vaults. Some slugs in kennysheep_slugbush vault are placed on deep water. They cannot swim.
    Spoiler: show
    Swimming_slug.png (224.93 KiB) Viewed 2040 times

  • Firing. When you use shift-F command with PProj on, it mistakenly shows the full trajectory. The firing itself goes as expected though.
    Spoiler: show
    PProj plus shift-F.png
    PProj plus shift-F.png (105.82 KiB) Viewed 2040 times

  • Movement. Ogre monsters don't get movement penalty in shallow water while ogre players do get. This is unfair.

  • Ashenzari. Ash auto-identifies only the top item of the stack you're standing on. To identify the rest you have to pick them up. This is clunky.

  • Fedhas problems #1. Your mushrooms can walk through fungi but you cannot rot corpses your mushrooms are standing on. It is of course much less of an issue now with recent Fedhas change.

  • Fedhas problems #2. Your mushrooms can walk through fungi but cannot walk through plants. Not a problem? Probably not until you get the elephant lair ending:
    Spoiler: show
    Fedhas problems.png
    Fedhas problems.png (474.72 KiB) Viewed 2040 times

    Here I had to lure elephants from one of the rooms to the entrance and let them destroy plants for my mushrooms to be able to gang up on the anaconda.

  • Fedhas problems #3. Same elephant vault:
    Spoiler: show
    Fedhas problems 2.png
    Fedhas problems 2.png (245.19 KiB) Viewed 2040 times

    Fedhas gets mad if you destroy trees, statues cannot be disintegrated here and this exact statue doesn't turn into dire elephant when anaconda is killed. (Yeah, I still got the item by reading fog and casting blink. It felt good, but is, hmm, too hacky.)

  • Map & Travelling #1. Sometimes, for example on orbrun, you want to check where stairs on your floor lead to. You enter level map mode with shift-X and then press < [ ] < < [ ] < < < [ ]. Each time when you return back to the floor you start stairs cycle anew. When < or > command is executed it would be good for the game to check if the cursor is already on stairs and if it is, move it to the next stairs in the cycle. And, while we are here, would it be possible to exclude Abyss, Pan and Hell gates from the > cycle? They are already in Tab cycle. It's quite annoying to find downstairs in Depths.

  • Map & Travelling #2. Have you ever used shift-X for travel and pointed at a wall by mistake? Then you probably should've seen the weird "Have to go through <Branch>:(N-1). Continue?" message.

  • Allies #1. When your ally is adjacent to you, another your ally is adjacent to the first ally and you climb down the stairs, they both follow you. But if the second ally is diagonally adjacent to the first one, sometimes it fails to follow.

  • Allies #2. Inattentive bodyguards.
    Your allies ignore monsters if they
    • use melee attack and miss you,
    • use range attack and miss you,
    • use range attack and hit you!
    Your allies attack monsters if they
    • use melee attack and hit you,
    • use melee attack and you block it,
    • use range attack and you block it.
    Weird, isn't it? I think they should attack in all these cases.

  • Tiles. Iron imp looks pretty much like a skeleton on the ground:
    Spoiler: show
    Iron Imp looks like skeleton.png
    Iron Imp looks like skeleton.png (22.6 KiB) Viewed 2040 times

  • Resting #1. Qazlal: resting near plants is extremely tedious.

  • Resting #2. Desolation: resting and autoexploring here takes ages. Is it possible to revise fog generating code?

  • Books and Autopickup #1. If a book contains forbidden/useless spells only, it shouldn't be picked up. Trog is an exception, of course.

  • Books and Autopickup #2. Webtiles: drop a book, move out of sight of it, save the game, load the game. Now the book is outlined in green - it is on autopickup. But when you move and it comes in your line of sight again - it is no longer outlined, as it should've been from the start.

  • Books #3. When you read a spell description from a book in your inventory you get the (M)emorise option. You don't get this option when book is on the ground.

  • Autopickup #3. Right now in 'x' mode (e'x'amine surroundings) you can use 'g' over an item to walk to it and pick it up and this is documented in 'x?'.
    And shortly before the tourney started I learnt an undocumented feature (not very useful but very-very cool) when watching a random game:
    If you use 'f'ire mode instead, you can mark the item for pickup with 'g'! Wow! You can do it even if it is out of your line of sight (though in this case you don't get it outlined in green until you see it).
    Feature request. Also I always wanted to have a way to turn item off pick up. So pretty please, make it togglable! And it would be cool to extend it to the whole map.

  • Spells and Prompts #1. Firestormer's nuisance. Redundant prompt: each time you cast Iron Shot or some other beam spell at a monster with fire vortex hanging out behind it you get the prompt: "Really fire at your fire vortex's direction?" I believe every firestormer experiences this multiple times per game. Why does it still exist as a default? Or do I miss something?

  • Spells and Prompts #2. Necromancer's nuisance. Missing prompt: if you happen to cast Pain at a monster with your undead slave on the line on fire you won't get any prompt.
    Spoiler: show
    First picture: all good, you're getting the "You can't see any susceptible monsters within range! (Use Z to cast anyway.)" message. (Unless you're using z -> Z macros.)
    Second picture: that's where the problem is - you're actually able to move targeter further just like on the third picture and cast it properly. But if you cast it as is, you just waste mana and a turn.
    No prompt for Pain at friendly skellies.png
    No prompt for Pain at friendly skellies.png (90.09 KiB) Viewed 2040 times

  • Spells and Prompts #3. Redundant prompt. Firestorm and Fulminant Prism can be cast without getting the "You can't see any susceptible monsters within range! (Use Z to cast anyway.)" message because they can hit monsters that are out of line of sight now. Fireball should fall into the same category (monsters can hide behind the corner).

  • Spells #4. Spells like Conjurations in your spell list are greyed out when there are no monsters around. Animate Skeleton and Passage of Golubria could use the same feature when their conditions are met. Are there any other similar spells?

  • Spells #5. You cannot learn Blink as a Formicid because you can never use it. And you shouldn't be able to learn Passage of Golubria after the Orb is picked up, for the same reason.

  • Prompts #4. When you change your armour and a monster comes into view you get the "Keep disrobing?" prompt, which requires "Uppercase [Y]es or [N]o only, please." Are there any other players who would like it to accept 'Esc' and spacebar as a 'No' also?

  • Abyss #1. I was fighting this bone dragon when scenery around has suddenly changed. It wasn't the usual "You are suddenly pulled into a different region of the Abyss!", the bone dragon stayed here as well:
    Spoiler: show
    Standing on Deep Water.png
    Standing on Deep Water.png (260.1 KiB) Viewed 2040 times

    At first it seemed that I was standing on deep water, but later it turned out to be a rock wall:
    Spoiler: show
    Standing on Deep Water_2.png
    Standing on Deep Water_2.png (290.44 KiB) Viewed 2040 times

  • Abyss #2. Right now the first gate in Abyss:1-4 that you get from killing monsters is the gate out, all next are the gates down. Picking the rune up doesn't change this. It would be good if the first gate you get in this way was again the gate out.

  • Elemental evokers. (I have the "ae += <(fan of gales|lamp of fire|phial of floods)" line in my rc file, I haven't tried turning on 'miscellanous' in '\' menu or combination of these two.) When you pick up the first evoker, others of that kind stop being on autopickup as long as it is in your inventory. It would be great if they stopped being on autopickup even after you dropped it (or ignored it with inventory being full).
    Bonus bug: Xom gifted fan of gales to my mummy and all next fans were on autopickup even though I still had the gift in backpack.

  • --more--
    I was hanging out in Zot with my SpMo of Jiyva when I got several messages in a single turn that caused --more-- line. And suddenly the screen displayed my D:4 map. After I pressed the spacebar required, it went back to Zot.

  • Feature request. Here is not very often situation. You're in tough spot, every move matters and you would like to consider all your options, including the following one: what items you're able to pick up. Upon pressing 'x' you see this message: "A broad axe. There is something else lying underneath. The floor." Now, when you cannot pick up corpses, you can't tell if you will get a pickup menu when you press 'g' or you will spend a turn picking up the object lying on top of a corpse. Technically you can check the position of every item from ctrl-x screen or very carefully browse message history, but this is very cumbersome. It would be good to get in the second case "A corpse (corpses, skeletons) is lying underneath."

  • Feature request. Buff potion of cancellation. In one of my games I got yellow contaminated in Dis, used 2 out of my 4 potions trying to get rid of it and still got two bad mutations. Two other potions I used later to get rid of petrifying effect with monsters in sight.

  • Fog bug: sometimes you remain visible for monsters through double fog tiles. To be fair, even before this bug was introduced it was unreliable to read fog scrolls, as they don't always cover you fully, now it's just somewhat more unreliable.
If you spot a grammar mistake in my post I will appreciate if you PM it.

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Re: 33 crawl quirks to be fixed

Closing this, please see the GDD rules and report bugs on Mantis. Reporting these can obviously be helpful but this is not a good format.

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