Spriggan in Hydra Form

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Spriggan in Hydra Form

I'm currently running a level 24 spriggan wizard, and the dungeon is not doing a good job of providing food. I've got 6 fruit and 2 royal jellies left. I'm level 24 and just finished clearing Depths 5. There was just one bread ration in the Depths (on Depths 3). I still have to do Slime 6 and Vaults 5. Maybe there are some bread rations there. If not, I'm probably going to starve to death.

I've found no staff of energy, so I have been extremely cautious about using high level spells. I've got Spellcasting to 25, with Intelligence to 31 (34 when I swap in a 3int sword for a rare cast of a level 8 or 9 spell), so Controlled Blink is now hunger free, and Tornado only costs 150 satiation. But I can't afford that much hunger regularly; I have only cast Tornado three times this game, each time when breaking in to a new level with too many monsters near the stairs.

Sif Muna just gave me a new spell book, which includes Hydra Form. I've never used this spell previously. Reading the forum and the wiki indicates that the spell is brief, high damage output, serious defensive downsides -- and that you auto gain satiation every time you kill something. Does anyone know if that Is that true for spriggans, too?

I can see why it might be (most species can't eat chunks under normal circumstances; but when they become hydras they do; why not spriggans too?). I can see why it might not be (spriggans can't eat any meat ever; this means even when they have become a hydra).

If hydra-form spriggans gain satiation in battle, then this could provide a solution to the problem that the random number generator is not doing well in providing spriggan-edible food. The investment in Transmuting would be reasonably quick, with a +3 aptitude. Then a quick visit to the orcish mines to find some popcorn would bring the spriggan to very full or even to engorged, which would be sufficient nourishment for quite a while.

So. Anyone ever use Hydra Form as a spriggan? Does the satiation bonus work for spriggans?

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Re: Spriggan in Hydra Form

No clue, honestly. If its possible it should be a bug. Other stuff you can try: ctrl+f for food, use scroll of acquirement, swapping to gozaq, Jiyva, depending on which version you play Zin, for super desperate measures draw all the decks you have left and hope for feast (and not famine).

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Re: Spriggan in Hydra Form

Pan has a lot of food in it and it's usually pretty easy to avoid fighting there.
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Re: Spriggan in Hydra Form

Relevant source here: https://github.com/crawl/crawl/blob/mas ... ck.cc#L568

As a spriggan in hydra form you can still eat your kills, but you will only benefit from the healing, not the nutrition. Gozag worshippers don't get nutrition either, and non-gourmand/carnivore PCs can't get above "satiated".

Basically you only get nutrition if you could eat the chunks anyways. If you actually do gain nutrition, you'll "devour the monster hungrily", otherwise you'll just devour it.

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Re: Spriggan in Hydra Form

Thanks. That's the information that I needed.

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Re: Spriggan in Hydra Form

Do you have three runes?

If so, you could 'just' try to win now. Many a spriggan has won game below xl 24.

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