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Lair Larrikin

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YAVP - First 15 rune win! (HECr)



This was just my second win - the first being a 3-rune with the same character build. Never even found a fourth rune before this; my first two characters to attempt the extended endgame splatted in Slime. I started out with Okawaru and he decided to be very generous with the gifts, netting me a nice randart katana and some good armour. Switched to Vehumet for the endgame.

I'd built the character around Tornado, but I just could not find it. Bookstores, treasure vaults, acquirement scrolls... no dice until a random acquirement scroll mid-way through Pan. Things became quite a bit easier at this point.

It was my first time seeing most of the extended endgame and it was all pretty great. No matter how good my gear, how powerful my spells, or how high my skills there was always a huge risk of death. I probably would have died early in Pan without all the help I got from everyone on webtiles - especially rootoo (aka Lantier) and DayDreamer.

Slime: Not too bad, played carefully enough to avoid being confused or paralyzed to death and the Royal Jelly was felled by a smattering of OoDs.

Abyss: Boring, but not much of a struggle. The collection of enemies was pretty underwhelming. At the time, anyway...

Pan: Rough. Torment + hellfire led to a number of close calls. Gloorx had wandered off; never even saw him. Cerberov I lured away with a lot of help from Daydreamer. At this point I didn't want to leave Pan without killing ANY of the unique Pan Lords, so I took on Lom. He hit me with a couple ice storms and blinked away right as I went berserk, but he went down without too much trouble. And then I acquired Tornado. Mnoleg was a breeze [groan].

Hell: I managed to banish Asmodeus and a large number of greater demons with a katana of distortion from the Pan Disco Hall and killed the other hell lords without too much trouble. Luckily I never ended up back in The Abyss. The scariest moments by far were being paralyzed by the hell effects with enemies nearby.

Tomb: This place is scary. Thankfully I'd gotten necromutation castable right beforehand. Still, the packs of sphinxes and greater mummies were troubling.

Overall, it was great fun and pretty stressful. Playing online is a big improvement over playing offline; the community is super friendly and helpful.

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Re: YAVP - First 15 rune win! (HECr)

congratulations on your win, very nice character.
i guess banishing hell lords left and right, and then being cast into the abyss would be quite cruel :)
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Re: YAVP - First 15 rune win! (HECr)

Congratulations! :D Sorry I missed the end of it, banishing Asmodeus sounds like fun. Oh, and congrats on finally getting tornado. ;)
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Re: YAVP - First 15 rune win! (HECr)

Hambone wrote:I'd built the character around Tornado, but I just could not find it.

:lol: I know how that feels!

Bonus points for doing most of Pan and Hell w/o Lich or Nado. Grats, Ham!
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