Giant Eyeball (race)

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Giant Eyeball (race)

This is a joke. Period.

  • Paralyze - You can paralyze things by staring at them. (MR Check, power depends on XL).
  • Tear Up - You can wash away any status problems by crying (breath timer).
  • Limbless - You have no limbs, you cannot use equipment of any description.
  • Tiny Size
  • Permanent Flight.
  • See Invisible
Stats: STR: 2 INT: 12 DEX: 12
Gain: Random: Int/Dex every 5th level.

GI: Fighting: -3*, Short: N/A, Long: N/A, Axes: N/A, Maces: N/A, Polearms: N/A, Staves: N/A, Slings: N/A, Bows: N/A, Xbows: N/A, Throw: N/A, Armour: N/A, Dodge: 3, Stealth: 5!, Shields: N/A, UC: N/A, Splcast: -1, Conj: 0, Hexes: 0, Charms: 0, Summ: 0, Nec: 0, Tloc: 0, Tmut: 0, Fire: 0, Ice: 0, Air: 0, Earth: 0, Poison: 0, Inv: -1, Evo: N/A, Exp: 0, HP: -3, MP: 1
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Re: Giant Eyeball (race)

Its a giant eyeball. Giant. Size = giant. Not tiny. This is not a joke. Period.

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Re: Giant Eyeball (race)

Funny that a 'joke' race proposal is one of the most thought-out here
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Re: Giant Eyeball (race)

Needs rOnion-
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Re: Giant Eyeball (race)

Also vulnerability to sharp objects.

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Re: Giant Eyeball (race)

No blinking?
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Re: Giant Eyeball (race)

Stealth 5, cause there's nothing stealthier than an ovresized sensory organ just floating about...
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