Race Idea: Hermit Crabs!

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Race Idea: Hermit Crabs!

So, I had this crazy idea about a race based around hermit crabs.

Their main feature would be the ability to "withraw" in their armor, kinda like snapping turtles, but more... useful. It would give huge AC boost, increased regen of both HP and MP, and a stealth boost(mosters would see just some armor laying there). It also makes sense that it can be used while confused.

Other than that, I was thinking more of a defensive-minded, "cowadly" kind of species: good aptitudes at defensive skills(especially Armor!) and bad at offensive ones, and some AC on level ups, but something like +1 every 6 levels starting from level 3.

Furher, I was thinking about small species, sturdy frame 3 mutation, since they're based around crabs Op-and-Mf-like waterwalking works, and few more ideas currenty irrelevant or too impractical...

Alternatively, they could be tiny, Felid-like species that wear only helmets :mrgreen:

So, what do you guys think?
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Re: Race Idea: Hermit Crabs!

They should be tiny size and then they could use boots as body armour
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Re: Race Idea: Hermit Crabs!

self petrify
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Re: Race Idea: Hermit Crabs!

Hermit crab races aren't as great as they sound
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Re: Race Idea: Hermit Crabs!

Who says it has to be a hermit crab? Make it a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

No, really. A permanently slow race with an active self-petrify in the flavor of withdrawing into it's shell could be interesting. You could introduce them as a complete race with warriors and priests (of Chei, naturally).

Then you could make a banner for the next tournament for speedruns with them. Fastest of the Slow.
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