YASD: My mouse!!

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YASD: My mouse!!

My mouse has the WORST habit of double clicking when it SHOULD NOT. I was trying to take out some guts on Orc:2 I had it down to the priest and wizard coming back up with me and the ogre one tile away. Well, my mouse decided it would be hilarious to click me back down the stairs the ogre stepped up with the wizard and priest and I'm not THAT strong...at least I wasn't yet. Anyways after a quick tussle i tried in vain to blink out of trouble and get to a somewhat better spot. Much to my dismay the orcs had respawned up there and well YASD.
[code] Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup version 0.8.0 character file. Also, The temple was encased by that blue wall stuff so I couldn't get into it. Thus, why I had only 2 altars to gods that I didn't want.

8383 Allen the Hoplite (level 11, -8/93 HPs)
             Began as a Mountain Dwarf Fighter on June 4, 2011.
             Mangled by an ogre
             ... wielding a +0,+0 giant club
              (11 damage)
             ... on Level 1 of the Orcish Mines.
             The game lasted 00:46:06 (14256 turns).

Allen the Hoplite (Mountain Dwarf Fighter)                                 Turns: 14256, Time: 00:46:07

HP  -8/93        AC 15     Str 27      Exp: 11/11104 (1), need: 8980
MP   0/16        EV  7     Int  6      God:
Gold 611         SH 32     Dex 14      Spells:  0 memorised, 10 levels left

Res.Fire  : + + .   See Invis. : +    c - +0,+6 falchion "Mikepagh" {slice, Str+3}
Res.Cold  : x . .   Warding    : . .  d - +3 chain mail of the Slug {+Inv +Lev rF++
Life Prot.: + . .   Conserve   : .    o - +6 shield of the gong {Spirit, rElec rN+ M
Res.Acid. : . . .   Res.Corr.  : .    (no helmet)
Res.Poison: .       Clarity    : .    (no cloak)
Res.Elec. : +       Spirit.Shd : +    u - +2 pair of gloves {Dex+3}
Sust.Abil.: . .     Stasis     : .    (no boots)
Res.Mut.  : .       Ctrl.Telep.: .    (no amulet)
Res.Rott. : .       Levitation : .    h - ring of magical power
Saprovore : . . .   Ctrl.Flight: .    k - +0,+5 ring of slaying

@: mildly poisoned, very slightly glowing, slowed, very slow, extraordinarily resistant to hostile
enchantments, extremely unstealthy
A: fast metabolism 1
a: Evoke Invisibility, Evoke Levitation

You were on level 1 of the Orcish Mines.
You were very hungry.

You visited 2 branches of the dungeon, and saw 12 of its levels.

You collected 591 gold pieces.


Hand weapons
 b - the +9,+9 Sword of Zonguldrok
   (You found it on level 7 of the Dungeon)
 c - the +0,+6 falchion "Mikepagh" (weapon) {slice, Str+3}
   (You took it off a goblin on level 6 of the Dungeon)   
   It inflicts extra damage upon your enemies.
   It affects your strength (+3).
 i - a +1,+1 whip of freezing
 z - a +4,+2 elven dagger of distortion
 a - 25 +2 darts (quivered)
 f - 3 exploding +3 darts
 B - 11 curare-tipped +0 needles
 d - the +3 chain mail of the Slug (worn) {+Inv +Lev rF++ rC- MR SInv}
   (You found it on level 8 of the Dungeon)   
   It greatly protects you from fire.
   It makes you vulnerable to cold.
   It increases your resistance to enchantments.
   It enhances your eyesight.
   It lets you turn invisible.
   It lets you levitate.
 o - the +6 shield of the gong (worn) {Spirit, rElec rN+ MR}
   (You found it on level 5 of the Dungeon)   
   It insulates you from electricity.
   It protects you from negative energy.
   It increases your resistance to enchantments.
 u - a +2 pair of gloves of dexterity (worn)
 A - a +3 orcish banded mail of cold resistance
Magical devices
 r - a wand of frost (2)
 w - a wand of draining (7)
 x - a wand of polymorph other (8)
 s - 2 meat rations
 F - a snozzcumber
 L - a slice of pizza
 M - a sausage
 m - 3 scrolls of remove curse
 y - 2 scrolls of fog
 C - 3 scrolls of detect curse
 E - a scroll of recharging
 h - a ring of magical power (right hand)
 k - a +0,+5 ring of slaying (left hand)
 n - an uncursed ring of protection from magic
 q - a +3 ring of intelligence
 t - an uncursed ring of protection from cold
 v - an uncursed ring of sustenance
 D - a book of the Earth   
   Spells                             Type                      Level
   Maxwell's Silver Hammer            Charms/Earth                 2
   Dig                                Transmutation/Earth          4
   Statue Form                        Transmutation/Earth          6
   Iron Shot                          Conjuration/Earth            6
   Leda's Liquefaction                Transmutation/Earth          4
   Shatter                            Earth                        9
Magical staves
 e - a staff of wizardry
 j - a plain deck of defence

 You had 1 experience left.

 + Level 8 Fighting
 + Level 9 Long Blades
 - Level 7 Maces & Flails
 + Level 10 Armour
 - Level 3 Dodging
 - Level 1 Stealth
 + Level 11 Shields
 + Level 1 Traps & Doors

You had 10 spell levels left.
You didn't know any spells.

Dungeon Overview and Level Annotations

Dungeon (10/27)            Temple (0/1) D:6             Orc (2/4) D:10
  Lair: D:8-13     


D:5: =  D:6: (

                    Innate Abilities, Weirdness & Mutations

You have a fast metabolism.

Message History

You feel sick.
The orc warrior throws an orcish hand axe.
You block the orcish hand axe.
The ogre hits you with a giant club!
You die...

 ¦¦¦   ¦¦·[[··#·····¦¦

You could see an orc warrior, an ogre, an orc wizard and an orc.[/code]
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Re: YASD: My mouse!!

I'm waiting for the first cat-on-keyboard YASD now... :)
Jory screams, "No, no!" before exploding into a cloud of blood!
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Re: YASD: My mouse!!

tcjsavannah wrote:I'm waiting for the first cat-on-keyboard YASD now... :)

How about being thrown in Pan by a keyboard jumping cat? But this isn't a YASD. The guy survived and won.
<+Grunt> You dereference an invalid pointer! Ouch! That really hurt! The game dies...

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Re: YASD: My mouse!!

galehar wrote:
tcjsavannah wrote:I'm waiting for the first cat-on-keyboard YASD now... :)

How about being thrown in Pan by a keyboard jumping cat? But this isn't a YASD. The guy survived and won.

Xom thinks this is hilarious!

Also, sorry about your char Shinigami345. I don't think I ever died to hardware malfunction, but that's probably one of the worse ways to die. :(

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Re: YASD: My mouse!!

I had a similar thing happen. My mouse-pad on my laptop can click, left click, and scroll. I found a whip of electrocution early and was ready to rock a wand0sling Iyb, but low and behold... 7 turns taking my armor off while Iyb kills me. :(

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Re: YASD: My mouse!!

Maybe Okawaru could gift mouses.

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