the Weapon Reform

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Re: the Weapon Reform

Isn't katana removal not in the 0.8 branch?
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Re: the Weapon Reform

Checked with my new 0.8 download- katanas can be created in wizmode, and will show up from acquirement. It might be that they were just removed from normal generation (like the old wizard start books). That, or the removal is scheduled for 0.9.

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Re: the Weapon Reform

Pretty sure the intention was to entirely remove from generation (acq. and vaults included, but probably not wizmode) but not remove the item itself, (such as to preserve save compatibility?)

& it's already done in 0.9
If you can still normally get katanas in 0.9, then yes, it's buggy


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Re: the Weapon Reform

Confirmed, katanas are still there in 0.8 (just found one).
BTW, in 0.9 demon whips and tridens were nerfed. But both of them are still superior to demon blade. And in fact player is likely to find all this weapons at the same time (group of hell knights). Maybe boost demon blade damage by +1?

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Re: the Weapon Reform

I always thought the double sword/triple sword were references to razor-manufacturers' habit of adding more blades to their razors as a gimmick. So they definitively need to stay or go as a pair :) Maybe to explain the joke (which apparently not many people got), there could be a fixedart five-bladed sword, whose item description says something about a deranged magical smith saying, Fuck everything, I'm doing five blades! (<--- profanity-laced but prophetic onion piece!).
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