Best way of marking levels as unfinished

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Best way of marking levels as unfinished

I feel like this is a stupid question, and hopefully I'm missing something obvious. But I cannot find any good way of marking levels as unfinished. Let's say I run into Sigmund on D:2 and dive down, but want to make a note of having failed to clear the level. Is there any straightforward way of doing this?

(What I currently do is carry around stones all the time, and drop a single stone to mark a level. Then I just search for "a stone" to get a list of places that need finishing up. The problem is, I'll run into a jelly at some point and throw stones at it until SHIT they're now "+0" stones, which Ctrl-F doesn't know how to search for.)

There's got to be a better way. Crawl does let you set waypoints, but you only get 10 of them, which isn't enough by midgame or so. What am I missing?

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Re: Best way of marking levels as unfinished

use ! to annotate levels
you can view level annotations in the Ctrl-O screen

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