0.8 crashing?

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0.8 crashing?

So I have downloaded the latest tiles version - 0.8.0-a0-4018 for Windows. I know this is an unstable version and whatnot, but is anyone running this version and having it crash periodically? I am not quite sure why it is crashing, but it seems to happen only after I cast a spell. I have my spells bound to the F2-F5 keys. Maybe the problem? Also if this is an actual bug can someone point me to the proper place to report it as well as some tips as to bug submission etiquette?

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Re: 0.8 crashing?

There were similar problems with the "monsters" tab a few days ago; this is probably the same bug. I'm just using a0-3967 until it gets fixed.


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Re: 0.8 crashing?

It's probably related to the recent detached tabs change. I know that the monster tab is a bit unstable, I didn't know about the spell tab. If you can report on the exact conditions leading to the crash and even provide a savefile, that could help us fix it.
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