Post Thursday, 24th February 2011, 07:58

Success with cross-platform gaming!

Until now, I've been able to keep a crawl game going on multiple computers as long as they were using Windows. I just unzipped crawl into my Dropbox folder, and it syncs to all my computers - except my Linux box, until now, because the Crawl installation I unzipped was a Windows build.

I finally managed to compile trunk on linux (okay, it wasn't that hard, git is not as mysterious as I thought). I compiled it also in a subfolder of my Dropbox, though I guess I wouldn't have needed to do that.

What I did do is delete the saves folder from my new installation, and instead create a symlink to the saves folder in my Windows trunk build in my Dropbox folder. It worked without a hitch, even with slightly different trunk versions.

This is great!

Another way I guess would be to just compile the Linux version in the same folder as the Windows version in my Dropbox. Then the folder would have both executables.

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