Starvation trap

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Starvation trap

Started a Mummy Necromancer, killed a rat, found myself forced to scythe through plants to escape. No weapons, scrolls, etc, just the rat and the wall of plants.

If I could starve this would probably be a game ender right there. As is, it's still ridiculously tedious. Is this intended to be a valid floor pattern, possibly killing off a character at generation for lulz?

I was going to upload a screenshot, but the forum seems to hate Android screenshots or something.


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Re: Starvation trap

I'm having trouble visualising this situation. Could you help me out? If you had to go through plants, why don't you go back the way you came?

Or was the entry vault a wall of plants blocking your exit with the intention that the intrepid adventurer bash their way through? If so, you should be able to do it unarmed, even as a MuNu?
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Re: Starvation trap

The second is true. I think they were worrying that a eating race could take long enough to bash through the plants that they could starve.
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Re: Starvation trap

What game version are you playing? I think I know the entry vault you're talking about, and if I'm not mistaken, there's a secret door in the direction opposite the plants, if you're playing a version where secret doors still exist.
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Re: Starvation trap

minmay wrote:I was worried this was going to be a guy wanting to add a new trap that makes you starve, to make Traps skill more useful and all that

Haha, I thought the same thing glad its not.

I too am having trouble picturing the situation
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Re: Starvation trap

He's talking about the ovular dungeon entry vault filled with lava and water on opposing sides, with the only exit passable after detroying plants. If memory serves me, they used to be plants. The last game I fired up in trunk I got that entry vault, and the plants were replaced with mushrooms. So, problem solved, problem staying solved.
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