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I was playing the ASCII version when I found a Bazaar. Getting to the portal was quite an ordeal, so when I finally got in I got excited and entered the first shop I saw.... which was actually the exit of the Bazaar. I know that was a stupid mistake, and it probably won't happen to anyone very much (or me, ever again), but I thought that maybe shops and portals should have different symbols. Or that exiting vaults should use < instead of >, or it should have a confirmation before you exit.

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Re: Portals/Shops

It's also an issue with tiles. Magic mapped portals appear as shop which is weird. But we can't have different tiles for detected portals and shops because we would get more information than console does.
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Re: Portals/Shops

Do bazaars have a timeout?

Portals and shops should have different symbols in tiles.

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