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Installing on Ubuntu

PostPosted: Sunday, 27th November 2011, 08:25
by Enoch
I've just started using Ubuntu and I haven't really gotten the hang of it yet. I went to the official site and found instructions on installing on systems like Ubuntu but I don't really know what to do with them. Could someone give me some slightly more specific instructions on what to download and then what to do with it, to get DCSS going on my computer?

Re: Installing on Ubuntu

PostPosted: Monday, 28th November 2011, 20:47
by robulon
I think there's a 0.8 build in the ubuntu repository (in the synaptic application). If you'd like 0.9 I think there's a .deb file available on the download page. If you want to play trunk (the current developement version) the easiest was is to compile the source using git. There's some half-way decent instructions on using git on the download page. If you have any specific questions just ask :D

Re: Installing on Ubuntu

PostPosted: Friday, 2nd December 2011, 09:43
by MyOtheHedgeFox
Just download the .deb-file from the download page linked in the previous post, right-click it and choose "Open with GDeb Package Installer" (can't remember for sure, but I think it's called like that). A small window will open: it will tell you which dependencies you need to install (in 9.04 I had to get them myself, I think: in 10.04 LTS they all will be downloaded automatically if you have them in repositories).

Then simply install it and start playing.

If you do not know what "git" is, don't bother with trunk version (beta-versions). 0.9 is cool as it is. =)