Getting killed while resting

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Getting killed while resting


i keep dying while resting, because the restin is not interrupted, when a monster comes up and starts hitting me. I believe, that it is possible to define my own interrupt rules via entries in "runrest_messages.txt". However i don't seem to get it right, nor do i find any in-detail description of how it works (filtering stauts messages via regular expressions ?).
Also i am asking myself, if such kind of interrupt shouldn't be there by default ? Perhaps i somehow disabled it ?

Playing 0.9.1 "out of the box" on Windows XP. I didn't customize anything myself yet (aside from some screwing around with the runrest-file, after the problem came up), so the worst thing i could have done, is accidentally hitting some hotkey.
I rest with "Shift 5", which seems to wait for 100 turns or untill fully rested, whatever comes first. (There are some other things stopings the rest as well. But oddly and sadly, it is not interrupted for mosters :( )

Any pointers to documentation regarding the "runrest" thingie, as well as any other suggestions to solve this would be appreciated,


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Re: Getting killed while resting

I always rest with "5" and never had a problem with wandering monsters... no need to tinker with options either

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Re: Getting killed while resting

I don't know what's wrong with your setup, but it isn't supposed to work that way.

When I play online using ssh on Mac or Linux, the numpad 5 rests for (I think) 50 turns, stopping if anything interesting happens like a monster showing up or my hp filling up or statuses changing.

On Windows using putty, numpad 5 rests for one turn (like the s key) and I have to use 5 on the number row on the main keyboard. But it keeps me from dying.

I've never altered options relating to resting that I recall.
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Re: Getting killed while resting

jejorda2 wrote:the numpad 5 rests for (I think) 50 turns, stopping if anything interesting happens

Man, wouldn't it be cool if almost every turn in the game was an interesting decision, what a game that would be!

If there was ever to be a Stone Soup 2, I hope that would be on the design philosophy.

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