Post Thursday, 24th October 2019, 01:59

Macro problems online.

So my Num-Pad won't shift walk AND rest/wait on the same keyset. I have to push numlock to change between one or the other. I'm trying to rebind my delete key to wait, and the 5 key to rest:

macros += M \{-255} .
macros += M \{-247} 5

These macros work offline, and if I manually input them offline, it will read the delete key as \{-255}
However, if I do it in webtiles, they do not work, and it will not recognize the delete key in the macro definition.

Is this a bug, and is there a solution that doesn't require me to entirely rebind the WHOLE numberpad including shift variants to not have to rebind the delete key?

Keymap/macro both act the same btw.