Automate "Chop up a corpse"

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Automate "Chop up a corpse"

Any way to automate "Chop up a corpse"? Mainly for heavy apatite races, like Troll. It would be nice if the game automatically Chop if you are not Engorged.

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Re: Automate "Chop up a corpse"

auto_butcher = very hungry
If this is set to true, you will automatically travel to and attempt to
butcher edible corpses. Can also be set to a hunger threshold ('very
full', 'full', 'satiated', 'hungry', 'very hungry', or 'near starving')
to enable automatic butchery only when at that state or hungrier.

If you want it only for specific species, try sth like

: if you.race() == "Troll" then
auto_butcher = true

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