Post Friday, 18th May 2018, 21:20

About ready() and autoexplore

Hi, I am trying to do a bit of rcfile magic, and would like to update my auto_butcher settings while autoexplore is running.
What I gather is happening : When I press 'o', autoexplore takes the wheel and the ready() function is only called at the end of exploration, not during it.
What I could do about it : Write a my_autoexplore() function and macro it to 'o'. I do not want to do that.

Is my assumption about what's happening correct ? Is my solution the only one ? Is there another function that is called after each autoexplore step, or a function that returns what the next autoexplore step would be ?
3 runes : MiMo^Ru, HOFi^Beogh, TrMo^Yredelemnul
5 runes : GrEE^Vehumet
15 runes : MiFi^Ru, NaWz^Sif Muna
I mostly play offline or online on CXC