Post Sunday, 22nd April 2018, 08:09

Turning off screen flash for mutations and life drain

I'm playing on google chrome from an android phone with a bluetooth keyboard;

My issue is that when a vital star or corruptor inflict transient mutatons, or a life drain from a soul eater where they produce a screen flash, and when this happens it takes about 6-15 seconds on average to respond to input.
This, while annoying, is also likely to cause me to accidentally hit keys more than once assuming that I failed to hit the key hard enough.
...Even while expecting the oh-so-annoying lag issue when it kicks in, I still occasionally make a mistep or two because of this- hitting space and waiting to see 'unkown command' helps before hitting any other keys helps tactically for the most part, but only adds to the over all frustration.

I'm aware that this is not an issue when playing on chrome, firefox, ie, safari, konqueror, opera or derrivatives there-of for pc's running less gimped *nix operating systems, dos, windows, or apples gimped freebsd derivatives.
...But it's seriously SO incredibly annoying on android. >.<

If there is no easy way to turn this feature off,
and trying other browsers yields the same result:
Is there any way to at least finish my webtiles game in ascii over an ssh connection on akrasiac's server?

Thanks in advance! ( Very much!!! ^,6 )