Dungeon Crawl:SS on Android 8.0

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Dungeon Crawl:SS on Android 8.0

The game had been running smooth on my Note 8 when it was running on Android 7.0. However upon upgrading to Android 8.0 now whenever I will open the game it is only loading a black screen during the start up and automatically crashing itself after few seconds. Any idea how to fix it?

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Re: Dungeon Crawl:SS on Android 8.0

Can you identify which specific android package you're using? There's a few. We don't maintain any official android versions (we don't have the capability to), so unfortunately there is probably going to be only limited help you can get here. So you may ultimately need to contact the package maintainers.

Also, it's likely that an actual android dev is going to need to contribute a patch to get 0.21 and later to work on android, we've heard that it's broken but have no way of testing/fixing.

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