CUE Webtiles down / connection problem

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CUE Webtiles down / connection problem

I am experiencing some connection problem (no connection at all, or very slow response) to connect and playing webtiles. I think this is server side problem, since I can connect to other servers and play there as usual.

When I connect to
- It sometimes shows “504 Gateway Timeout”
- It sometimes connects and play normally, but in a very very slow manner
- I’ve first met this issue starting from last Thursday evening (first 504 error, but it may have started even earlier.)

Maybe the issue is already known to server maintainer, but I am reporting this just in case.

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Re: CUE Webtiles down / connection problem

Hey, sorry about this. I'll be getting a topic pinned here now about this.

Long story short: disk problems and a host that is being annoying in regards to replacing them. I'm working right now to take care of the stored data on the server as well as getting a new host.

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