Notes for unrand?

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Notes for unrand?

I'd like to have unrands show up in the notes section when they're discovered like other artefacts do. Best would be a note when they come into view like:
104781 | Elf:3 | Found the +8 longbow "Zephyr" (weapon) {speed, Dex+3 SInv}.

The options_guide says:
"Artefacts (fixed, unrand, or random) will always be noted when identified, regardless of note_items."

but unrands don't show up. Is there a specific setting I need in the options file? Thanks.
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Re: Notes for unrand?

I might be wrong (I only briefly looked how the note taking function is being invoked), but it looks like that notes are only taken when you actually identify an item. Unrands are already identified and because of that they are never even considered for note taking.

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