German server not updating stats

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German server not updating stats

It scammed me from my 5 rune victory on GRSk
crawl.xtahua works fine but is broken

proof ... quall.html ... quall.html

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Re: German server not updating stats

The bug is still alive and well.
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Re: German server not updating stats

From ##crawl-dev:

06:23:49 <TZer0> !messages
06:23:52 <Sequell> (1/2) Mandevil said (16h 20m 33s ago): When will CUE feed 0.20 data to akrasiac scoreboard?
06:23:56 <TZer0> !messages
06:23:57 <Sequell> (1/1) Medar said (14h 2m 54s ago): FYI rebuilding CUE doesn't show messages in real time, because it's using gzip content-encoding. Doesn't really matter in practice I guess.
06:24:46 <TZer0> !tell Mandevil Not really sure what's wrong. Score files etc. are exposed.
06:24:47 <Sequell> TZer0: OK, I'll let mandevil know.
06:35:22 <gammafunk> TZer0: |amethyst has yet to add CUE to CAO scoring, that will be added fairly soon, I think
06:35:29 <gammafunk> we were waiting on CDO getting 0.20 as well
06:35:50 <gammafunk> so there should be nothing that you have to do, we'll get it added to the scoring pages eventually

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