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morgue viewer/editor?

Hi, I'm new :)

Excuse me if this has been discussed before: I have this nagging sensation, since it's pretty impossible that nobody has considered this.

I'd simply want an option to view the "hall of fame" (the list in the "scores" file, in the same order) from the main menu. A simple, scrollable list would be enough, but of course it'd be nice to be able to click/select an entry and load/visualize the full morgue file. The code must already be there, since it's shown when you die!

Also, I'd like a quick and easy way to delete entries and/or to prevent dead chars from even being entered. Like, if they didn't even make in the top 100 or were under LV 3 or something. An option to purge the "tail" would be nice as well (ie keep only the first x entries).

Finally, it'd be very nice to have some stats: number of characters played by race, class, race/class combo and so on

All this can be done (more or less) by acting directly in the morgue directory, or loading and parsing the scores file in a spreadsheet or something, but c'mon, that sucks! Let's integrate it in the main program!

Thanks to anyone reading/commenting...


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