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Console problems

PostPosted: Thursday, 28th July 2011, 18:56
by King_Slime
Quick question. Is there anyway to make console version fullsize on windows 7? Or at least change the font that is used? I hate it when the walls are #'s... when I was running windows XP the walls were weird rectangles, but I preferred that over #'s....

Thank you!

Re: Console problems

PostPosted: Friday, 29th July 2011, 13:38
by JeffQyzt

Re: Console problems

PostPosted: Saturday, 30th July 2011, 00:03
by lordfrikk
Only way of making the screen bigger is to set the font size to a higher value (you can do this by right-clicking the title bar and selecting Properties; tab Font).

You can also play online and just press Ctrl+Enter to go fullscreen. You can set PuTTY to adjust the font size relative to window size, which is just awesome and what I'm using.

Re: Console problems

PostPosted: Sunday, 31st July 2011, 06:44
by King_Slime
I tried doing what those other guys did in that thread you posted and now my Crawl keeps crashing before I get to even choose a character. I really don't know how to set the options... it's all waaaaay over my head. Could someone just upload their option file somewhere so I could just download it and put it in my crawl folder?

cset = wall: x2592 (shaded block)
cset = wall_magic:x2591 (not so shaded block)
cset = floor:. (dot)
cset = floor_magic:ยท (centered dot, optional)
cset = cloud:x23 ( #)
cset= door_closed:x25A0 (solid block centered)
cset = item_book:x221E ( infinite symbol )
cset = tree:x2663 (club symbol, in 0.7 there was an omega symbol though)
cset = altar:x2584 (solid block at inferior part)

Those settings I'm told would make it look like classic ASCII crawl.

thanks guys.