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Crawl Compilation Woes

PostPosted: Thursday, 18th February 2016, 00:34
by TehDruid
RE-EDIT: I thought I had solved my problem, but apparently I didn't. Read the post below for details.

PostPosted: Thursday, 18th February 2016, 20:04
by TehDruid
Welp, I did compile the game without facing any issues afaik, but when I launch the Crawl executable, the window that begins to load is that of Console (even though I used make TILES=y) and it's completely blank and my mouse cursor freezes up entirely. Then the hard drive begins to work like crazy and after a couple of minutes the game finally loads its menu and i can move the mouse but it still makes my system lag horribly and I didn't even want to try playing. I can eventually close it once I can move the mouse but even that takes around 5-10 seconds to happen.

Using Windows 10 Git SDK 64-bit. I can play 17.0 normally without issues.