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Alt-tabbing in Ubuntu

PostPosted: Tuesday, 4th January 2011, 03:34
by Wolfechu
...seems to not available. In other words, when you're playing crawl, your choices are play the game, or save and exit if you want to do anything else; there's no way to tab over to your browser or anything. It's a bit shirty about if the computer goes into standby mode too, and I've got into the habit of saving the game if I think I'm not going to be around awhile, as it beats having to reboot and lose a promising game.

I'm fairly new to Ubuntu and Crawl and wondering if I were missing something... I'd run the game in windowed mode, but I'm using a fairly tiny laptop with an 8" screen, and it makes the inventory window even smaller.

I was really just curious if anyone else had come across this problem in Ubuntu, and even perhaps found a fix for it.

Re: Alt-tabbing in Ubuntu

PostPosted: Friday, 7th January 2011, 18:05
by casmith789
Well I play with ubuntu, and have multiple workspaces. Not only do I not have this problem (perhaps because I use cao/cdo from a terminal, not full screen), it is easy to ctrl+alt+left or ctrl+alt+right to another workspace if I want to switch to a completely crawl unrelated area. Perhaps you can do this?

Re: Alt-tabbing in Ubuntu

PostPosted: Wednesday, 12th January 2011, 02:57
by Wolfechu
Same problem, I'm afraid: While it's fullscreen and not windowed, it basically ignores any regular shortcut commands like alt-tab or ctrl-alt-<dir> for the workspaces.