Post Friday, 27th May 2011, 23:14

Suggestions for restfirst.lua

I've written a simple Lua script that rests if you need to recover HP, MP, or rod charges and otherwise autoexplores. This script is intended to be macroed on top of the autoexplore key, both to save you from having to reach for the 5 key all the time and to help prevent accidental autoexploration while you're totally unprepared for the next fight.

In the interest of making this script useful to everyone, I've made it customizable via a few lines in init.txt. In particular, you can set what percentages of HP or MP are low enough to warrant resting before exploring. I realize, however, that this isn't quite flexible enough, as there are situations where players may want to autoexplore before recovering as much HP/MP as they would normally. For instance, if you're near starving, you might not want to rest in order to increase your chances of finding a monster you can eat before having to dip into your permafood reserves.

I'd like to ask the community to help think of situations where resting is typically a bad idea.

So far, I have that it's a bad idea to rest when:
  • You are very hungry or near starving, unless you're really low on HP/MP.
  • You have a buff that you might not want to waste resting. These include:
    • Invisibility, swiftness, levitation/flying (More?)
  • You are poisoned or have some other nasty debuff that should be dealt with first. (Which ones?)
  • You are a Deep Dwarf and would be resting to recover HP (or MP and are wearing Guardian Spirit).
Also, good times to rest are when:
  • You have low (or just not full) HP, MP, or rod charges.
  • You're slow, confused, or have some other lingering status effect. (Which ones?)
  • You're sick. (I'm split on this one, but I figure it's better to wait out your illness with the HP that you have than to risk getting hurt while unable to easily recover.)
Your input is much appreciated!