Just some questions

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Just some questions

I was doing some testing in wizmode and notice minor differencies in interface.
1. AC (xx%) - is this guaranteed damage reduction? I guess it is, just want to be sure.
2. Spell power interface like 92(200), instead of bars. Is this some way (maybe some option in init.txt?) to enable such power view in normal mode? IMHO it is much more useful and convinient than bars. For example, ######## - this "maxed" bars doesn't neccesary mean you got max power, despite it looks like this.
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Re: Just some questions

1. Yes.
2. No, you can't enable a numeric display of spell power. And it wouldn't be very useful. The fact that you are not at full power even if the bar is filled is not important. The last few points will have a very minimal effect. As usual, the interface tries to convey relevant information. What the power bar hides is unimportant details.
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