Post Saturday, 2nd April 2011, 07:59


1. In init.txt, etc. on lines like
# easy_confirm  = (none | safe)

are 'none' and 'safe' (in this example) the only options? (I'd dearly love to put 'true' there, but it did not work as I had hoped.)

2. Is it possible to include the escape character (ascii 27, that is, not backslash) in macros? The key shows up as \{27} at the in-game ~ menu, and I can assign a macro to the physical escape key itself, but adding \{27} as part of any macro is seemingly ignored.

3. I'd like to automatically adjust my autopickup options based on character level. Assuming there isn't a ready-baked option for that, could someone please point me at an existing piece of Lua referencing character level (something short if possible, I don't actually know Lua), or just tell me the name of the variable?