How to display tiles of monsters' spells and abilities

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How to display tiles of monsters' spells and abilities

I find that, online tiles can display tiles of monsters' spells and abilities on description screen. But locale tiles can't display the tiles. And on in former version, we can right click the spell or ability to get its description, but on latter version, to get its description, only by shortcut key.
I think it is a very convenient function, because we can get monsters' abilities more visually. And in general, getting descriptions by right click, then if using mouse to get monster's spells or abilities would more naturally.
It could be set by editing configuration file? For example, online tiles can show player's trail, but local tiles doesn't show it by default, but we can add "show_travel_trail = true" in configuration file, the latter version can also show it.
on locale tiles
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on online tiles
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Re: How to display tiles of monsters' spells and abilities

I'm afraid this just hasn't ever been implemented for local tiles (and the webtiles implementation is very webtiles-specific). Someone should implement it!

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