Post Tuesday, 12th June 2018, 12:19

Game disappeared on CDO


I started a game on CDO console, trunk, which does not seem to be there, nor it is ended:

<sanka> !lm sanka
<Sequell> 40382. [2018-06-10 20:37:17] sanka the Spry (L9 FeWn) entered the Ecumenical Temple on turn 7417. (D:5)

<sanka> !lg sanka
<Sequell> 12215. sanka the Magician (L1 FeWn), quit the game on D:1 (matt_arrival_diagonals) on 2018-06-10 20:23:48, with 0 points after 0 turns and 0:00:04.

The scoring page on CAO ( also does not shows this game.

I hope Napkin (the CDO admin) will help me, but just in case he does not visit these forums, does anybody knows what could have happened? It was a fun game (so far).