Proposal: Spell - Summon Player Ghost

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Proposal: Spell - Summon Player Ghost

Summon Player Ghost
Cost 8

Attempts to summon a Player Ghost who died on the floor you are on. Ghost can be hostile if skill is not high enough.
The ghost will likely turn hostile before the spell expires.

This spell would not be OP because:

1) it would be a limited time duration.
2) it would not necessarily work on every floor, because there is a chance there is no ghost for that floor.
3) it is a potentially dangerous spell, because you would be good chance of fighting the player ghost at the end of the spell duration.
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Re: Proposal: Spell - Summon Player Ghost

So, if I had all my characters dead somewhere near Lair and than successfully done a full-run for the first time, this spell will be totally useless. Seems like a bad idea to me. It'll also make too much difference in webtile and client versions of game.
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Re: Proposal: Spell - Summon Player Ghost

It's bad enough when I want to look for percentage rate of spawns on a normal summoning spell. I do not want to have to check the every single morgue that died on the level I'm on, every single level I want to use it on.
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