Hashet, God of Passageways

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Hashet, God of Passageways

Since we don't have an 'h' God in DCSS yet, I got to thinking about some effects not entirely covered by the existing Gods, and how to tie them into a concept. I didn't put too much thought into this, but I'm genuinely curious what other Crawl Players think...

Hashet is the God worshipped by those on a pilgrimage or a journey. It is thought that he is the guardian of safe passage and fair traveling conditions, therefore, often worshiped by sailors. The promise of safe passage extends into death, and he is also the one mourners often pray to when wishing their recently departed a safe trip to the afterlife, free of interruption by necromancy. This doesn't preclude him from taking on worshippers who have already crossed paths with death, he simply feels ill seeing their journey cut short.

All he asks of his followers is to travel, to explore, and find new things.

Hashet likes: exploration, finding portals/baileys/wizlabs, etc before they expire, taking stairs to a new level quickly upon seeing them, and followers who fight in hallways, rather than in the open.
Hashet dislikes: when corpses are raised to a state of unlife.

Hashet will occasionally intervene to prevent the unwilling teleportation and/or blinking of his followers.

At low piety, Hashet will grant you short travel, in the form of expensive, but early available controlled blinks.
shortly thereafter, Hashet will prevent corpses killed by you or your allies from being raised by necromancy for a few turns after their death. The length of time for this goes up with piety.
not much later, Hashet will grant you the ability to dig your own passages (same level wand of digging effect, not up or down in levels).
a bit later, Hashet will start to grant you a passive EV bonus for fighting in hallways
later still, followers in his favor can create a brown staircase underneath themselves in either direction, provided there is a level to go to (can't go down at the bottom of a branch, not usable in the Abyss or the Vestibule of Hell, but can be used to generate a new Pan level), but this ability is on a very long cooldown.

I figure this would make for yet another interesting God choice for explorers, while not precluding most playstyles (sorry necromancers). Really early controlled blink seems like a boon a lot of players may want, and if the cost is significant in some way, it becomes a real interesting choice to use it or not. Not letting your kills become undead seems flavorful more than anything (how often does it really happen in LOS anyways?). Digging isn't something any of the gods currently offer (even though the wands are readily available), and none of them grant bonuses for hallway-fighting yet.

That final ability though, is possibly the prize for Hashet worshippers. once in a while, they can either skip a whole level (at least in one direction), or escape pretty easily from a dangerous situation. by not precluding undead species from his worship, this provides a useful emergency skill if they find themselves on the Holy pan level. The only thing i think he's missing is some tie-in with shaft-traps. I wanted the escape ability to be shafts, but that makes it useless during the orb-run. I also wonder if he's powerful enough. I was considering one of two additional abilities that might work for the God of passage:
1) you can pray to him to grant a few turns of fog clouds generating behind you when you move, which would of course, after two moves, block LOS, and maybe aid your escape down a hallway
2) at high piety, you can 'p'ray on a set of stairs to allow your to traverse them without being followed by adjacent enemies.

Any thoughts?
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Re: Hashet, God of Passageways

Lugonu provides early, expensive blinks, but not controlled, because that would be way too powerful no matter what the cost. The rest of your proposal is very unexciting. Being teleported by an enemy is so rare that it does not warrant divine protection - it would be considered the weakest protection in the game: a broken stasis amulet that doesn't prevent anything but tele. A god for mummies who forgot to bring magic mapping and ctele to pan? A god for people who get surrounded so often without consumables that they need a divine exit from the entire level?
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Re: Hashet, God of Passageways

His piety gain method is extremely similar to Ashenzari, who also likes you exploring. There's also a conflict in this god's piety gain: he likes taking portals before they expire, but he also likes stair dipping. Stair dipping will, sooner or later, set off a silent portal timer that may expire while the player goes back up to finish the level.

Also, the developers already dislike it that players constantly run to corridors to do combat, having a god that encourages and rewards players for doing that seems rather unlikely.

Controlled Blink is an incredibly powerful early ability. No matter what the cost is, it'll probably be overpowered for a low piety ability. Even if using it twice put you to starving, caused penance, and rotted 30 HP since you could use it to easily and reliably escape from the situation that was about to kill you. Not to mention, Lugonu already grants low piety blinking.

The digging ability is useful, but not impressive. It'd be handy for a number of characters though.

EV for corridors is, as I said, already a bad thing.

The staircase creation sounds like a powerful, thematic ability that'd work well as a capstone piety ability. It could be used to easily ninja runes and the orb though, which may or may not be a bad thing.

The ability to travel down stairs without following would make perfect sense for a god of safe passage. I'd replace the early Controlled Blink with it.

Still, this god feels a bit lacking in what he provides. Also, what are his punishments?
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Re: Hashet, God of Passageways

When I saw the thread title, I was reminded of the two Door God suggestions (A and B), though that might be because I've been thinking about them recently.

My basic thoughts: There are aspects of this god that I like, mostly flavorwise, though I do like the make-stairs power. I'm just not sure they gel together into a satisfying whole, and the other posters pretty much say what I want to say.

The no-necromancy conduct sounds like it could form the basis of a psychopomp god, who escorts the dead to the afterlife. Psychopomps are common in mythology. Not sure where else to go with a Crawl psychopomp, though. The idea of a god who provides passage for sailors might be interesting, maybe turn it into a more general god of the sea. I tried thinking of a sea god a while ago, didn't get far with it, maybe someone else will have luck.
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Re: Hashet, God of Passageways

When I saw the thread title, I was reminded of the two Door God suggestions (A and B), though that might be because I've been thinking about them recently.

That was my immediate thought also, yes; beyond that, though, the god doesn't seem to have too much in common.

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