Experience / Encounter Guarantee

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Experience / Encounter Guarantee

I just explored D4 in my game. The entire level.

leather armour
12 steel darts
1 potion of levitation
7 sling bullets
1 pile of 13 gold
1 choko
1 bread ration
1 potion of poison
1 scroll of identify
1 potion of curing
1 scroll (unidentified)
11 arrows

1 altar of Fedhas (small fedhas vault)
1 altar of Zin

2 rats (separate encounters)
3 bats (separate encounters)
1 worm
1 adder
1 iguana skeleton
1 quokka
1 orc (unarmed)
1 goblin (club)
1 hobgoblin (unarmed)
1 hound

- - - -

I've had tougher D1s. And yes, it's 100% explored; all 3 up and down staircases are visible and it's that floorplan where everything is a single room separated by doors. Certainly there can be a secret room, but it's likely small because there's no room on the map for it.

While I understand there is randomization involved, does the game compensate future levels for the lack of experience?
This is a local game of 0.11-a0-443-gbaaa34d.
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Re: Experience / Encounter Guarantee

Crawl guarantees you nothing !

... well maybe thats not entirely true starting classes / races / aptitudes /gods / gear are all guaraneed...

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Re: Experience / Encounter Guarantee

Oh, there are plenty of guarantees. Serious ones aside (certain branches, stone stairs, placement of a lot of the runes), you are absolutely guaranteed to end the game by going up on D:1. Either you win, you escape, or something kills you during the staircase delay (is there a stair delay for that?).
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Re: Experience / Encounter Guarantee

I thought the thread would just wither and die, but it seems it is still attracting useless posts. I'm locking it. If you want to discuss it, go see Yiuf.
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