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Maxwell`s Silver Hammer >> Maxwell`s Silver Coating?

The idea of Maxwell`s weird creations would be fairly bad to lose.
What about replacing Silver Hammer with Silver Coating? ;)

Maxwell`s Silver Coating (Charms/Transmutation)
Level: 3

This spell covers the quivered stack of ammunition with strange silver-like liquid that deals additional damage to chaotic creatures.
However, it evaporates fairly quickly, and the ammunition covered with it hits less often and has a slightly higher chance to break.

Unfortunately, this spell cannot affect stones of any size; the branded ammunition will not be affected by this weapon, either.

Basically, it temporarily coats a quivered stack of unbranded missiles (arrows, bolts, darts, sling bullets) with silver, but temporarily applies a -1 enchantment modifier to the stack.
The missile loses its silver coating when fired. The coating will also disappear when the stack gets unquivered, or after a few turns.

Will it be effective and/or useful?
If you find any mistakes or typos in my post, feel free to PM me about it. Thanks in advance!

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