HuFi, on the way to my 1st win ever (hopefully)

Ask fellow adventurers how to stay alive in the deep, dark, dangerous dungeon below, or share your own accumulated wisdom.

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Post Sunday, 16th January 2011, 17:54

HuFi, on the way to my 1st win ever (hopefully)

The dude's name is Pria Berkapak (Indonesian words which mean "Guy with Axe" in English).

I think I can survive long enough is due to the quick mutation and also Boots of Running, which make this HuFi about as fast as a Spriggan. :D

Now, I have 3 runes and I'm ready to enter Zot Realm. I've cleared Swamp, Snake Pits, Elven Halls, and Vaults. Basically, in close combat, my HuFi is near unbeatable. I don't know if he can survive in the Zot Realm, though.

Pria Berkapak the Swordmaster (HuFi)    Turns: 179834, Time: 13:40:52

HP 217/217       AC 41     Str 32      Exp: 27/1052248 (6099)
MP  28/28        EV 16     Int 10      God: Okawaru [*****.]
Gold 8700        SH  0     Dex 20      Spells:  0 memorised, 28 levels left

Res.Fire  : . . .   See Invis. : +   O - +7 triple sword
Res.Cold  : + . .   Warding    : .   b - +10 plate mail {rF+}
Life Prot.: . . .   Conserve   : +   (no shield)
Res.Acid. : + . .   Res.Corr.  : +   a - +0 crested helmet {SInv} {god gift}
Res.Poison: +       Clarity    : .   F - +2 elf cloak {rCorr, Cons} {god gift}
Res.Elec. : .       Spirit.Shd : .   Y - +2 pair of gloves {Str+3}
Sust.Abil.: . .     Rnd.Telep. : +   P - +2 pair of boots {run}
Res.Mut.  : .       Ctrl.Telep.: +   n - amulet of the gourmand
Res.Rott. : .       Levitation : .   V - ring "Ozaffuip" {Ice Str+3 Dex+3}
Gourmand  : +       Ctrl.Flight: .   q - ring of teleport control

@: very quick, quite resistant to hostile enchantments, extremely
A: speed 1, fast metabolism 1, -10% mp, poison resistance,
teleportitis 1, Dex +3
a: Might, Haste, Renounce Religion

You are on level 1 of the Dungeon.
You worship Okawaru.
Okawaru is exalted by your worship.
You are very full.

You have visited 10 branches of the dungeon, and seen 68 of its levels.
You have visited the Abyss 1 time.
You have visited 1 bazaar.
You have visited 3 portal chambers: ossuary, wizlab, ice cave.

You have collected 9240 gold pieces.
You have spent 560 gold pieces at shops.


Hand weapons
 B - a +0 blowgun
 I - a +5,+2 demon blade of flaming
 J - the +6,+0 great sword of Frustration {god gift, antimagic, Dex+4 Int-2}
   (Okawaru gifted it to you on level 3 of the Lair of Beasts)   
   It disrupts the flow of magical energy around spellcasters and certain
   magical creatures (including the wielder).
   It affects your intelligence (-2).
   It affects your dexterity (+4).
 O - a +7,+7 triple sword (weapon)
 S - the +0,-2 great sword of the Old World {speed, +Blink +Inv}
   (You found it on level 9 of the Dungeon)   
   Attacks with this weapon take half as long as usual.
   It lets you turn invisible.
   It lets you blink.
 R - 37 exploding +0 darts (quivered)
 U - 11 curare-tipped +0 needles
 a - a +0 crested helmet of see invisible (worn) {god gift}
 b - a +10 plate mail of fire resistance (worn)
 F - a +2 elven cloak of preservation (worn) {god gift}
 P - a +2 pair of boots of running (worn)
 W - a storm dragon hide
 Y - a +2 pair of gloves of strength (worn)
Magical devices
 e - a wand of digging {zapped: 2}
 k - a wand of fireball (3)
 m - a wand of teleportation (5)
 A - a wand of fire (3)
 D - a wand of enslavement
 p - 7 meat rations
 T - 8 bread rations
 i - 2 scrolls of recharging
 r - 3 scrolls of identify
 v - a scroll of amnesia
 w - a scroll of detect curse
 y - 5 scrolls of teleportation
 G - a scroll of holy word
 K - 7 scrolls of blinking
 M - 4 scrolls of remove curse
 j - an uncursed ring of protection from fire
 l - a +5 ring of strength
 n - an amulet of the gourmand (around neck)
 q - a ring of teleport control (left hand)
 s - an uncursed ring of life protection
 u - an uncursed amulet of stasis
 x - a +5 ring of strength
 z - an uncursed ring of life protection
 H - an uncursed amulet of resist mutation
 Q - the amulet of Cekugob {Ward -TELE Hunger rElec rPois rN+ AC+1 EV+1}
   (You found it on level 7 of the Elven Halls)   
   [amulet of warding]
   It affects your AC (+1).
   It affects your evasion (+1).
   It insulates you from electricity.
   It protects you from poison.
   It protects you from negative energy.
   It prevents most forms of teleportation.
   It speeds your metabolism.
 V - the ring "Ozaffuip" (right hand) {Ice Str+3 Dex+3}
   (You found it on level 26 of the Dungeon)   
   [ring of ice]
   It affects your strength (+3).
   It affects your dexterity (+3).
 X - the amulet of the Queen {+Rage Str+4 Dam+4}
   (You found it on level 2 of the Swamp)   
   [amulet of rage]
   It affects your strength (+4).
   It affects your damage-dealing abilities (+4).
 Z - an uncursed ring of levitation
 d - a potion of levitation
 h - 8 potions of restore abilities
 o - a potion of speed
 t - 4 potions of might
 C - 7 potions of healing
 L - 4 potions of heal wounds
 N - a book of Control   
   Spells                             Type                      Level
   Control Teleport                   Enchantment/Translocation    4
   Enslavement                        Enchantment                  4
   Mass Confusion                     Enchantment                  6
   Control Undead                     Enchantment/Necromancy       5
   Metabolic Englaciation             Enchantment/Ice              7
 E - a plain deck of changes {drawn: 1}

 You have 6099 experience left.

 + Level 17 Fighting
 * Level 27 Long Blades
 - Level 10 Axes
 - Level 5 Slings
 - Level 7 Throwing
 + Level 18 Armour
 + Level 13 Dodging
 - Level 2 Stealth
 + Level 4 Stabbing
 - Level 3 Shields
 + Level 5 Traps & Doors
 + Level 4 Unarmed Combat
 + Level 1 Spellcasting
 + Level 7 Invocations
 + Level 5 Evocations

You have 28 spell levels left.
You don't know any spells.

Dungeon Overview and Level Annotations

Dungeon (27/27)            Temple (0/1) D:4             Orc (4/4) D:7
    Elf (7/7) Orc:3          Lair (8/8) D:10          Swamp (5/5) Lair:3
  Slime (0/6) Lair:8        Snake (5/5) Lair:3         Hive (2/2) D:15
  Vault (8/8) D:14          Blade (1/1) Vault:5       Crypt (0/5) Vault:3
    Zot (1/5) D:27       

Sif Muna
The Shining One

D:5: [[(/+  D:9: !  Orc:4: (  Elf:1: [  Elf:3: (  Elf:6: (
Vault:6: [

Hell: D:21 D:22 D:23 D:24 D:25 D:26
Abyss: D:22 D:23 D:25
Pan: D:23 D:24
Trove: D:15 (12 potions of brilliance)
Ziggurat: D:26 (3420 gp)

D:11 exclusions: orange crystal statue and 2 silver statues
D:16 exclusion: 16 flame clouds
Elf:3 exclusion: door
Swamp:5 exclusion: 107 freezing vapour clouds

                    Innate Abilities, Weirdness & Mutations

You are agile (Dex +3).
You cover ground quickly.
You have a fast metabolism.
Your magical capacity is low (-10% MP).
Your system is resistant to poisons.
Space occasionally distorts in your vicinity.

Message History

Unknown command.
Unknown command.
Char dumped successfully.
Save game and exit?
Welcome back, Pria Berkapak the Human Fighter.
Okawaru says: Bring me glory in combat!
Press ? for a list of commands and other information.


There are no monsters in sight!

Any tips will be much appreciated. I can't wait to meet Orb of Fire, although I don't know if I can win. :)

Oh, and I won't ever be able to enter that damn Trove. :(
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Tartarus Sorceror

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Post Sunday, 16th January 2011, 18:40

Re: HuFi, on the way to my 1st win ever (hopefully)

Thanks for the tips. Yeah, I forgot about Crypt. :)

Mines Malingerer

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Re: HuFi, on the way to my 1st win ever (hopefully)

Famous last words? I'd be very worried going anywhere near Zot:5 with those resistances. Maybe consider switching to TSO before doing the crypt, Okie wrath isn't to bad although you might want some elec resistance in case of titan attack. TSO will give you some extra options, with more defences (+++rN) and a bit more offense (blessed weapon, holy flame and summons). This could enable you to explore some other branches in search of more rF.

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Re: HuFi, on the way to my 1st win ever (hopefully)

I'd switch to TSO just to holyerize that sweet triple sword

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